29 December 2009

Prita Mulyasari is Free!

Iman D. Nugroho | source Detikcom

Prita Mulyasari can hold her tears. Woman, who was facing court because of her complain email to Omni International Hospital, made prostration a moment after she heard judges of Tangerang Court decide her free, this Tuesday, December 29, 2009. “Thank God, Prita is free!” some people express their feeling on court room.

Pritas cases have become one of the big cases in Indonesia. The struggle of woman with two children against Omni International Hospital, who’s sued her for her email, created solidarity among Indonesian people, which increased people to collect coin donation to help her. “We called it Koin Keadilan (Coin for Justice),” Yusro M. Santoso, one of the founders of koinkeadilan.com, an online community supporting Prita.

These cases also become a symbol for unfair Indonesia law system. Especially, in term of Indonesia online regulation, which are manifested trough Information and Electronic Transaction Law or ITE Law. Article 27 of ITE Law has mentioned “Anyone who’s initially or without their right to distribute and/or transmitted and/or makes the document is carrying defamation.”

Some NGO, which concern on freedom to expression in Indonesia, has tried to do Judicial Review of ITE Law trough Indonesia Constitutional Court or MK. But, they lost it. MK has decided ITE Law as right law and can be implemented in Indonesia. The last case, which used ITE Law, is Luna Maya, one of Indonesia famous artist. Some journalists, who are the members on The Association of Indonesian Journalists or PWI, sued Luna for her Twitter status.

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