20 December 2009

Always Remember Life in The Past

Iman D. Nugroho

Young movie director Mohammad Rivai Riza or Riri Riza, always remember how wonderful his life in the past. When Riri and his entire family was lives in Makassar of South Sulawesi. “I am always remember, how me, my family and my friends can enjoy life without worries about bad things which might happen. Playing around on the streets without sandals, build sand castle and else, it’s so wonderful,” he said recently.

Moreover, those kinds of memories have arisen when he and Mira Lesmana, other movie director, made the sequel of Laskar Pelangi the movie, called Sang Pemimpi. Riri and Mira have hard willing to share the entire wonderful moment trough the movie. “We are very proud of it, and we like to share it trough Sang Pemimpi the movie for present generation,” he said.

Riri Riza is one of talented director in Indonesia. After graduated from the Jakarta Arts Institute (IKJ), Riri has started his step in movie world with directed Sonata Kampung Bata the Movie that also his final project on IKJ. Amazingly, that movie won Oberhausen short film festival of 1994. His name become more famous after he directed a documentary movie called Anak Seribu Pulau (Children of the Thousand Islands) on 1995.

After it, Riri movie just like became new waves of Indonesia world. His movies always get on the top of Indonesia movie list. Such as Kuldesak, Petualangan Sherina, Ada apa dengan cinta, Gie until Laskar Pelangi and of course, Sang Pemimpi. “Well, I hope my latest movie can more viewer than before,” he said.

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