23 December 2009

The 3rd International Classical Car Show of 2009

Iman D. Nugroho

The 3rd International Classical Car Show of 2009 is officially open in Kartika Expo Center of Jakarta, this Wednesday, December 23,2009 . More than hundreds cars took part in this exhibition which also held a workshop to explore how to restore classic car. This event will held until December, 27.


Jakarta’s were treating to entertainment back before the Christmas and New Year holidays. The latest entertainment could be the automotive exhibition called 3rd Otoblitz International Classic Car Show of 2009 (OICCS) which held in Kartini Hall of Jakarta. The show is officially open this Wednesday, December 23, 2009 until December 27, 2009. “I hope the spirit of old car lovers will arise through this event,” Asman Osman, founder of OICCS said.

Different with the previous International Classic Car Show, this year show, which using Classic for the Next Green Generation as a theme, gives more benefit for the Jakarta people. Especially, workshop to learn how restore classic car. “We like to transfer the passion and knowledge about classic car through that workshop, and it will guided by our team called Project O,” Asman said.

Other knowledge for the people can get from this exhibition is the history of the cars. Mostly cars, which take a part on OICCS, were a junk car, badly damage, even with no machine on it. Through the restoration process, those car changes to be awesome classic car with blink paint on their entire body. How they do that? The answer of it can get on workshop. Start with how to do sandblasting, bodywork, choose the paint, accessories chrome process until how take care classic cars.

Bambang R Effendi, Head of Indonesia Old Car Community [PPMKI] said classic cars exhibition, especially OICCS, always made him and of course the entire member of classic car community proud. It has also become a proof for the people whom might be doubtful with old car that old and classic cars it is not always bad and not feasible on the street. “I heard that government wants to ban classic cars on the street, it is not right because even our car is classic but ours can still able to run on the street,” he said.

Classic car has something that new car has not have. That is a history. For example one legendary car which take part on this event. The car was belonging to Indonesia First President, Soekarno, Chrysler 1952 and Cadillac Fleetwood Limo. “Those cars are still throw out the prestige even it’s very old now. The careness of the owner made the conditions still in a good condition,” he said.

International Classic Car Show of 2009 divides cars on nine different themes. European Sport, Japanese Samurai, Italian Exotic Cars, Future Classic, Muscle Car Legend, Hot Rod Alley, Indonesia presidential Limo, Rally and Racing Replica, Mercedes Benz E-volution, General Motors and Mini Cooers 50 years Anniversary.

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