12 May 2008

Student Protest on National Education Day

Iman D. Nugroho

The commemoration of National Education Day in Airlangga University of Surabaya on Monday (12/05), with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as a keynote speaker, was colored with students demonstration. The protesters demand President SBY to step down, because he cant solve many problems in Indonesia.

The rally initially was peaceful with thousands of students from 24 student groups in Surabaya. Carried a groups flags and posters, students start a demonstration at Manyar Kertoarjo Street, about 1 Km from "C" Campus of Airlangga University, also guarded by hundred policemen. The officer builded a police lines to make protesters stay in demonstration area.

During the protesters statement, President SBY is unsuccessfull president. Goverment cant solve many problems in Indonesia. Such as foodstuff and kerosene price increase, bad nutrition, problem of outsourching workers, high cost educations and more. "Thats why we demand SBY to stepdown, now!" said protester.

At the same times, on celebration National Education Day in Airlangga University, President SBY has recieved by the documents of solution of Airlangga University Student Council (BEM). President SBY gives his award for the document which shows how the nation can solve issues. Like preparing human and nature resource for people, law inforcement in a corruption case (BLBI), free health and education, control foodstuff price, energi management, birocratics reform, erased mafia of court and environment issues.

President SBY says that goverment will evaluaete mining contracs with brings a demerit for Indonesian people. Mean while, regarding of coruption issue, the president explain that goverment shows their comitment to ecadicate corruption. He hopes indonesian people will support goverment's good will.

After delivering his speach, President SBY accompanied by saverals ministers visited Suramadu Bridge using Indonesian Navy Ship KRI Dr.Soeharso and visited Rumah Pintar Dolpin at East Indonesia Navy Base (Armatim) Complex.

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